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Very Cool News

Posted by on December 18, 2008

I’ve been informed today that my entry into the America’s Top Shops Contest” won third place!

Be sure to check out the other entries — especially the first and second place winners. Truly impressive!


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2 Responses to Very Cool News

  1. JPinPA


    I have looked all over for a station for my RAS & CMS – yours appears to ba all I’ve envisioned. May I pick your brain as far as some details? How long is the entire setup? Did you pull the design from anything published, or is it all from your own design? Is there anything you would change? I can probably come up with at least another dozen questions, would you mind exchange of some other Q/A’s? Thanks, Jay

  2. Patrick


    Sorry it took me so long to reply…been away for the holidays and am just getting back to things.

    The designs were basically cobbled together from multiple sources. I spent many months reviewing shop layouts/photos online and attempted to steal the best of them. As for this particular station, I’ve seen the basic concept executed a number of times around the ‘net, including the inlay’d t-track. The “jointer cubby” _might_ be my idea, though I wouldn’t swear an oath on that one…it’s just as likely that I saw it somewhere else and have simply forgotten. The design for the adjustable platform the CMS sits on was from a book, which in turn was, I believe, originally published in either WOOD or FWW. It was for a portable miter station with fold-out wings.

    I’ve uploaded the original SketchUp! design for the cabinets. Much changed in the execution — especially when it comes to the drawer arrangement and sizes…I didn’t bother to plan the final drawer layout until I was actually working on the piece with the future contents at hand.

    Here’s the skb file:

    There may be something of interest in the photo gallery of the cabinet construction, beginning around here:

    Hope this is helpful…let me know!

    – Patrick

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