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Simple Machine Shop Upgrade

I love my shop. The power tools, the hand tools, the padded luthier workbench, and the integrated dust collection. Especially the dust collection. One point of frustration however, is the relatively limited storage space. And so I’ve had to find spaces in every crevice and corner, and install shelving and hooks around the wood-paneled walls. … Continue reading »

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Shark Pole

This past Christmas, Santa brought me a Shark Guard. I used it to complete Nathan’s crib,  but knew I’d need to get it properly mounted before the next project. So I bought a 6′ length of 1″ square tube steel, a metal cutting blade for the jigsaw, and a bag ‘o 5/16 nuts, washers and … Continue reading »

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Santa Brought Me a Landshark

Or, more accurately a “Shark Guard” by LeeWay Workshop. Installation I’ve only had the opportunity to install this today, so I haven’t really had a chance to put it through its paces. However, so far I am impressed. The improvised packaging the unit arrived in was demonstrative of its small shop origins; the actual contents, … Continue reading »

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An Hour Here, a Half-Hour There and a Few Saturday Mornings

Over the past month I found very little contiguous time to make progress on the shop setup. Consequently I never felt like I had made significant enough progress in any given week to warrant a new post. While I’m still quite some distance from the finish line, I finally feel like I can actually say, … Continue reading »

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Hacking the Delta 50-875

(This post is based on a forum thread.) After completing my dust collection system installation, I turned to my air cleaner, the Delta 50-875. I had decided to install it just above my table saw — about 2/3rd’s of the way along the wall, where the intake would be in line with the front … Continue reading »

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Custom Collector Controller

If you read my last post you might recall how I decided to purchase an X10 “Powerflash Interface” to test out as a controller for my dust collector. My skepticism about how the unit worked turned out to be well-founded. The Powerflash device sends an X10 “on” signal when 6-18VDC is applied to the contacts … Continue reading »

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The Monster in My Closet

OK, so maybe not exactly a “monster,” but the old Woodtek 3HP double-bag dust collector I bought sure does sound like one…and appears to live up to its 2100CFM (free-air) rating. I’ve finally finished the main duct work runs and over the weekend I cut the hole from the shop into the external “dust collection … Continue reading »

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My “Green” Dust Collection System

Not “green” in the environmental sense, mind you…but green in a very literal sense. I’ve spent literally months planning out most of the details of my new shop, since before they broke ground. One of the features I was most anxious to include that I was unable to have in my shared garage space was … Continue reading »

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Lofty Ambitions…

OK, so the inspections went well — though it took 3 visits from the inspector. Mostly little stuff — but Jay promptly dealt with all of the issues and we finally made it.I’m now working on getting the shop “in shape” before moving all of the tools in. This includes building a 4′ x 14′ … Continue reading »

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