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Beat Boxes: Building Cajones with the Kids, part 2

Posted by on June 2, 2015

Painting and Finishing

This weekend we painted and finished our cajones. Sean’s was constructed from furniture-grade mahogany veneer plywood, so this one would be finished with a natural finish. The girls wanted flowers, butterflies, and ladybugs. Nathan had his heart set on a monster. Since I’m entirely unable to draw any of these things well, we ran to the store and found some stencils that the kids could paint on their respective boxes. These worked much better than I’d expected – the kids were able to do it themselves with beautiful results!


grass and sky background for the beetle box


Painting on monster hands



Stenciling on some flowers and a couple skulls


Stenciled flowers on Emma’s flutterbox


Making a bead rattle/snare


Nate posing with his monster box


An initial coat of polycrylic applied


Sealing in the waterslide decal


He likes the skull


The finished products

These are definitely family-room worthy pieces that we should be able to enjoy seeing and hearing for years to come. Great work, kids!

Emma's cajon

Emma’s cajon

Emma painted flowers on the side

Emma painted flowers on the side

The "flutterbox"

The “flutterbox”


Nate's cajon

Nate’s cajon – el “cajon monstruo”

Nate's monster box

Another view of Nate’s monster box

el cajon monstruo

Nate wanted a skull and bones on the side

Sean's cajon

Sean’s cajon

skull and sombrero

Mahogany sides and top with a skull and sombrero stencil

Annalise's cajon

Annalise’s cajon

the beetlebox

the beetlebox

Annalise chose a dragonfly stencil for the side

Annalise chose a dragonfly stencil for the side

Another shot of the four

Another shot of the four

the group

the group

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