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Beat Boxes: Building Cajones with the Kids, part 2

Painting and Finishing This weekend we painted and finished our cajones. Sean’s was constructed from furniture-grade mahogany veneer plywood, so this one would be finished with a natural finish. The girls wanted flowers, butterflies, and ladybugs. Nathan had his heart set on a monster. Since I’m entirely unable to draw any of these things well, … Continue reading »

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Beat Boxes: Building Cajones with the Kids, part 1

One of my (sadly now¬†former) co-workers is an amazing drummer. As in professional-studio-musician-in-another-life amazing. I would¬†spend quite a bit of time chatting with him about music and his experience as a working musician. Shortly before his departure he mentioned to me at the Chicago Drum Show was coming to town in my neck of the … Continue reading »

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