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Posted by on December 22, 2009

It’s been a very busy past couple of months. I’ve built a couple more mantels that I still need to post some pics of and in my “day job” we’ve moved offices…which meant a great deal of planning and work on setting up a new server room. I also had the Woodcraft Magazine article matted. Clearly it wouldn’t do to purchase a frame for an article about a woodshop, so I whipped one together in the shop.


The base frame is popular veneered with resawn Cocobolo and trimmed with Panga-Panga. The Cocobolo’s been sitting around the shop, around 20 or so bd ft that was misshipped to me some years ago. I figured this was as good a use as any! The frame itself isn’t terribly intricate, but this was only the second project I actually designed in the shop “on the fly.” It was a great deal of fun and I think it came out rather nice. The finish is a bit rough since I really wanted to deliver it on a specific date and had to rush in the end..but I think it works.


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